Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Watch Broadband Wireless TV

5000 Webcams
2300 Tv Channels
10.000 Radio Station
100s Movies and Videos

Broadband TV involves accessing multimedia content via an unmanaged broadband connection and viewing it on a PC or sometimes a normal TV. Broadband TV differs from IPTV as the network bandwidth is unmanaged and the system is inherently open. Broadband TV is the same as Internet TV which is usually referred to as accessing TV video streams over general purpose broadband internet. IPTV differs from Broadband and Internet TV, as it is a closed system for the delivery of PayTV services with an assured Quality of Service underpinned by an operator's investment in network infrastructure, content rights and consumer equipment.
The current commercial focus is around developing video on demand services to the home. Multimedia content can be personalised for individual users and can be called personalised TV.

Wireless TV